Home Remedies to Prevent Kidney Stone

Kidneys are the urinary organs of the human body which are shaped as a bean. They are situated at the back portion of the abdominal cavity. They receive blood from the body and make urine out of it. There is a ureter attached to each of the Kidneys which carries the urine to the bladder. Before getting into the remedies to prevent kidney stone one must know why the kidney stone occurs. The main reasons of the kidney stone include dehydration, genetics, family history and some certain medical conditions.

Main Reasons of Kidney Stone:

  • The main reason of kidney stone is not drinking enough water. In taking enough amount of water each day can reduce the chances of getting Kidney Stone.
  • Family history and genetics affect a lot when it comes to Kidney Stone. If someone in your family has/had kidney stone then there is a high risk you will get kidney stone.
  • Excess protein in the diet can also lead to Kidney Stone. Too much salt in the diet increases the amount of calcium and in turn, can increase the risk of kidney stone.
  • Obesity and high body mass index have a link with the increased risk of kidney stone.
  • Other medical conditions like diabetes, some urinary tract infections, hyperparathyroidism etc. can also increase the risk of kidney stone.

Home Remedies to Prevent Kidney Stone:

After knowing the most probable reasons of kidney stone one must know how to prevent them. As we know precaution is better than cure.

  • Taking Plenty of Water: As dehydration is the main reason of kidney stone, the best way to stay away from it to take plenty of water each day. One can also drink some sort of juice or lemonade. “The color of the urine can tell if you are dehydrated”, says best kidney doctor in IndiaWhen it is pale yellow that means you are hydrated. If the color is dark yellow that means you need to drink more water.
  • Adding Calcium Rich Food in Diet:Low calcium level can cause kidney stone by forming a compound called calcium oxalate. Low calcium diet can also cause osteoporosis. Calcium supplements with food can also help to overcome this problem.
  • Less Sodium Intake: High amount of sodium in diet prevents calcium from being reabsorbed which causes high calcium level in urine and think can cause a kidney stone.
  • Less Amount of Animal Protein: Animal proteins are acidic and can increase the amount of uric acid and calcium oxalate in urine. This can cause Kidney Stone. One must avoid red meat, fish and poultry to prevent kidney stone.
  • Take Fewer Oxalates: Limiting oxalate-rich food can help to prevent kidney stone. Foods that have high oxalate content are spinach, chocolate, coffee, peanuts, soy products, wheat brans etc. Avoiding these foods can help to decrease the chances of kidney stone.

Conclusion: These remedies can reduce the risk of kidney stone but cannot surely stop it. If you have any chances of a kidney stone or any medical history in the family, you must follow a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Only these can help a person to prevent kidney stone.