Things That You Can Do As Teacher to Encourage A Healthy Eating Habit

Snacking is a must for students when they are at school. As they spend a major portion of the day at school, they need some brain food too. Energy levels may also fall during the day. Many students also take part not only in the class, but also in extracurricular activities after the school.

Students can therefore get the benefit of having access to various snacks all throughout the day, which can further increase if healthy vending options are available.

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It really does not take too much to create healthier school. Following are few changes that must be done:

  • Incorporating healthy eating as well as physical activity all across the curriculum by using certain fun.
  • Creating partnership with few communities like local food growers, library and sporting clubs etc.
  • Offering professional development opportunities particularly for teachers and all other support staff to promote and teach healthy eating and also being active.

Healthy eating

All schools must encourage better nutritional habits by:

  • Creating food policy for whole school
  • Involving all pupils and parents and guide them about food policy.
  • Offering only healthy food in the school canteen
  • Assessing various foods provided at school canteen and the vending machine
  • Providing clean and cool-water fountains
  • Educating parents with all information about healthy food choices.
  • Developing proper school vegetable garden
  • For students offering snack breaks for eating fruit and vegetables
  • Let the students bring their own water bottles to the classroom

Physical activity

Few ways to help students become more active:

  • Developing proper policy for school physical activity
  • Creating an environment, which encourages being active.
  • Scheduling more physical activities and physical education
  • Including all students while deciding physical activities to be undertaken
  • Ensuring that enough time is spent in developing basic motor skills.

Role modelling

Teachers are in very good position to become a positive role model. It will help them to show commitment and leadership to others. Usually, a teacher who will make healthy choices like healthy eating with regular physical activity will make good influence on students.

They can become a healthy role model by:

  • Packing a very healthy lunch and also taking them on time while eating.
  • Providing healthy snacks during any kind of functions held at school like staff functions, parent teacher meeting and staff meetings etc.
  • Using certain non-food rewards like pencils, skipping ropes etc. instead of lollipops and sweets
  • By walking rapidly while performing yard duty
  • By joining in various activities during the physical education classes, lunch time or recess hours.
  • During any school excursions by using public transport, which is often much cheaper and you will be able to get your physical activity.
  • By taking activity breaks
  • During and also after school hours supporting physical activity
  • By sharing your physical activities, interests with students.