3 Major Types of CBD Oil Produced by the U.K Manufacturers

The legalization of CBD products in the U.K. has put many manufacturers to enter the competitive CBD market with different extraction methods and variations of CBD products. It has also made consumers to have different options based on their qualitative and quantitative needs.

Legally, CBD oil must contain hemp-derived CBD, max 1mg THC and other essential cannabinoids of the hemp plant. Different countries have set different legal limits for THC content in your body and CBD oil. THC has psychoactive effects and is considered to be a party drug that makes you feel “high”.

CBD oil can be extracted using solvents like alcohol, olive oil and carbon dioxide (CO2). Clinically, CO2 extraction method produces pure form of CBD oil. It uses extensive tools and costs more to the manufacturer.

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What are the types of CBD oils based on strength?

CBD oil has three major types with different entourage effects and ingredients for its consumers.

The entourage effect is the enhanced therapeutic effects of CBD due to the presence of all the cannabinoids and other essential chemical compounds of the hemp plant.

  1. Full-spectrum CBD oil

It contains large amount of CBD, max 1mg THC, and traces of other essential cannabinoids and nutrients. The main nutrients are proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats.

The high entourage effect of full-spectrum CBD oils enhances the functionality of your endocannabinoid system and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your bodily functions. Full-Spectrum CBD oils have better anti-inflammatory, ant-oxidant, analgesic and other healing properties. It has more medicinal properties to benefit the patients with acute ailments like depression, insomnia, anxiety and arthritis.

  1. Broad-spectrum CBD oil

This is a kind of full-spectrum CBD oil without containing any THC. The manufacturers have some specialized processes to remove THC completely. It has less entourage effect than full-spectrum CBD oil. These oils are preferred by athletes and other patients who do not want to consume THC due to other medications.

If you have consumed broad-spectrum CBD oil, you can easily pass a drug test due to the absence of THC. The content of THC in full-spectrum CBD oils only enhances therapeutic effects of CBD and other ingredients. This amount THC is not enough to cause any intoxicating effects.

  1. CBD isolate

Sometimes, you may want to enjoy the pure taste of CBD and so-called CBD isolate are made available for your satisfaction. CBD isolate contains up to 99% CBD only and do not have any entourage effects. It gives the normal health benefits of CBD to heal common ailments like pain, headache and inflammation. These are also preferred by the athletes due to the fear of THC content during anti-doping test.

CBD oils are also available in different forms like CBD vape oil, CBD oil tinctures and CBD oil topicals based on the type of ingestion methods. CBD oils have no prescribed dosage, but it is highly recommended to begin with small doses and increase till you feel the healing effects.