Impressive Benefits of Choosing Glass Bongs

The slang terms for Bongs are bubbler, biller, or binger. They are water pipes that allow smoking marijuana or weeds. Bong is derived from the word ‘Baung’. In Thai, it means a bamboo tube designed to smoke weed. Bong design has evolved a lot. They have become more intricate than a simple bamboo tube.

In terms of material, you can choose bongs designed from plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, and traditional bamboo. The most popular is the glass water pipes because there are many benefits of the material rather than using metal, ceramic, or glass.

Benefits of glass bongs

Bongs are reusable

Choosing blunts and joints means you will need to buy them again as they don’t offer a reuse privilege. So, choosing them becomes extremely expensive in comparison to a bong. The bong needs a little upfront cost, but you will surely not have to visit the smoke shop to purchase another. Investing a little cash in a product that will serve a lifetime seems sensible.

Easy to use

First-timers will find it a little challenging to use but it is simple to use. It has a filtration system that allows the smoke to cool making it smooth and easy to enjoy. Using a glass bong is much easy than smoking with joints. The majority of glass bongs comprise of four main parts. It includes the stem, tube, bowl, and vase.

  • Add water through the mouthpiece of the bong until the filtering part in the bottom gets covered.
  • First, start inhaling without lighting it to get the feel.
  • Load tobacco or dry herbs in the bowl. Ensure to grind the nuggets, so the burning and combustion get enabled with ease.
  • If there is an ice catcher add few ice cubes.
  • Keep drinking water nearby.

Offers smooth and big hits

Many users find the smooth hits a glass bong offers more appealing. It is a great feature for beginners and regular users alike. Novice enjoys their toking experience. Many people switch to glass bong because of the smooth and big hits it gives. Many smoking methods don’t allow large hits, but with a little practice, you can enjoy big hits.

  • Light the dry herb in the bowl using a lighter.
  • As you are lighting, cover the mouthpiece with your mouth and gently suck.
  • Sucking will pull the flame towards the bowl and start generating smoke.
  • As soon as, the glass bong gets filled with sufficient smoke you can inhale comfortably, stop sucking.
  • Hold your breath, open the airway by pulling the bowl, and strongly inhale the smoke.

Easy to clean

Borosilicate glass is used to design a bong, which gets cleaned with ease using alcohol. Glass is non-porous, so there is no concern about harmful residue buildup like in other materials. The water turns cloudy and dark, which is easily visible but it is good to refresh the water every time you use it. In this way, you get fresh smoke instead of harmful remains left in the water from past usage.

Unique artwork

Glass bongs are hand-crafted, so you will find artwork in terms of shapes, functionalities, and sizes. Each piece created is unique and aesthetic. You can get them customized to suit your taste and style.