What is the Real Meaning of Energy Orgasm?

No penetration, no problem. It’s possible to have an orgasm even without touching your skin. Nonsexual orgasms are also known as energy orgasms, breath orgasms, full-body energetic orgasms, and breath orgasms can be achieved through meditation, breathing, and using your imagination to reach climax. This sounds like hippie-dippy bullshit. We were also skeptical at the beginning, but we are now convinced that people can actually climax in non-sexual situations like exercising, riding in cars, or even brushing teeth.

Before you know the meaning of energy you should have knowledge about sexual energy.

Sex energy is an additional form of energy that is naturally present in all people. Sexual energy is described as a powerful, dynamic force with great potential. It can be used for many purposes, but it must not be misused.

We all know that sexual energy can be channeled and directed in the same way as our mind control. The rules and laws that govern sexual energy are just like all other energy.

The bottom line is that sexual energy holds extraordinary potential. However, it is not possible to harness sexual energy in a systematic way without understanding its laws.

What is energy orgasm?

Contrary to physical orgasms which are triggered by touch energy, mental orgasms occur mainly through the power of the mind. You’re familiar with the expression: Mind over body. It is better to connect with your mind than rely on your body to do the work.

This kind of orgasm is akin to meditation and can be scary for people who don’t exercise often enough.

Sexual tension should be removed during sex. Lovers who do all they can to make their relationship work will feel fulfilled and free from anxiety.

The chances of having a good time with a partner are greatly increased when you have energy orgasms. Rapid breathing, facial contortions, or gyrating and moaning are all signs to oneself and your partner that something wonderful is occurring.

Energy orgasm offers the same uninhibited emotional, physical, and sexual expression as normal.

An energy orgasm can feel so good that you might feel like you had a sexual orgasm. It’s possible to have more than one energy orgasm before you get to the regular one. This will make the experience even more dramatic.

The ability to experience energy orgasms enhances orgasmic power. Both types of anxiety can be enhanced by “letting loose”, or dropping fear, anxiety, or insecurity.

How to make energy orgasm

Energy orgasms offer a unique way to explore the mind-body connection. It’s possible that once you have experienced one, you will want to bring it into your bedroom with you, either alone or with someone. Seven steps for how to have an energetic orgasm have been outlined below:

  1. Place your feet on the ground or bed and place your knees down.
  2. Relax your entire body by taking long, deep inhalations.
  3. Visualize yourself stimulating your genitals slowly and sensually by focusing on your genitals
  4. If you are with a partner, they may hold one hand over your sexual energy. This motion will move the sexual energies from your genitals upwards. They can start with small strokes before building up to more powerful ones. This can be done by you if you are on your own.
  5. Start to undulate with your body in rhythm with your partner’s breathing.
  6. Make noises. You can start with soft moans. As the sexual energy builds, you will be able to let loose and become louder.
  7. Your moans will get louder and faster. You will feel the pressure build. Keep going until that momentous peak is reached.