PRP Hair Growth: Harnessing Platelet-Rich Blood Plasma Power

Hair mesotherapy or scalp prp: Platelet-rich plasma procedure. Beautician doctor makes injections in the man head for hair growth against hair loss and baldness

Men and women alike are both affected by hair thinning. It can negatively impact one’s confidence. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is becoming more popular as an effective natural hair restoration treatment. We will discuss PRP, its benefits, how it is performed, and what can be expected from the treatment.

Understanding PRP Treatment:

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a medical technique that uses the regenerative capabilities of a patient’s blood to promote hair growth. The PRP comprises many platelets, growth factors, and other helpful proteins. This has the potential to stimulate hair growth and increase hair density.

How PRP Hair Replacement Works:

The PRP Hair Restoration Process involves the following stages:

  • Blood sample: A small sample is collected, typically using a needle in the arm.
  • Centrifugation: After collecting the blood sample, it is centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich Plasma from the other blood components.
  • Activation: The PRP is activated after it has been extracted by adding calcium chloride. This causes the release of bioactive substances and growth factors.
  • Injections and Topical Application: The activated PRP is injected directly into scalp areas suffering from hair loss or thinned hair. You can also apply it topically on the scalp to increase the absorption.

What Are The Benefits Of PRP?

PRP hair treatment offers many benefits for those experiencing hair loss.

  • Natural and Safe: Because PRP uses the patient’s blood, there is less risk of side effects or allergic reactions.
  • Growth Factors Can Stimulate Hair Growth: These are present in PRP and help promote the development of new hair follicles.
  • Slows Down Hair Loss: PRP treatment can help slow the progression of hair loss, preserve existing hair, and prevent further thinning.
  • Non-Surgical With Minimal Downtime: PRP, a minimally invasive procedure, is an excellent option for busy people.

The PRP Process for Hair Restoration:

PRP is usually performed in several sessions over weeks to get the best possible results. You can expect the following during your treatment:

Consultation: An initial consultation with a qualified healthcare professional or practitioner is required to assess your condition and determine if PRP therapy suits you.

Treatment Sessions: Each treatment session involves the injection of PRP into the scalp with the help of fine needles or the application topically using micro needling. The number required of sessions may vary depending upon the severity of hair fall and the person’s response.

Post-treatment Care: Your healthcare professional may provide specific instructions after each session to help promote optimal healing. This can include avoiding certain products or activities that could interfere with healing.

Expected Outcomes and Maintenance

Even though individual results may differ, most people will notice an increase in hair volume and density within the first few months after starting PRP. But it is important to know that PRP does not work as a “quick fix.” Multiple sessions may be required to see the desired effects.

Maintenance treatments maintain PRP’s benefits every 6-12 months. Your healthcare professional will determine the maintenance plan based on your specific needs.


Chic La Vie med spa is an innovative and promising solution for those suffering from hair loss. This non-surgical procedure provides long-lasting, natural results using platelet-rich Plasma. When considering PRP, you should speak to a qualified healthcare professional or a certified practitioner to determine your eligibility and discuss your goals and expectations. The PRP treatment for hair restoration is an effective option to boost your self-confidence and growth.