Questions You Must Ask Your Dentist During the Routine Dental Visit

It is time for your regular dental check up and you are concerned about your oral health. It is important that you plan the visit well and get all the treatment or information that you want to seek. Clarify your concerns regarding any upcoming procedures and treatments necessary for a good dental health and for beautiful aesthetics of your facial profile.

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Doubts to clarify from your dentists

You might worry in general about your teeth and gums, or you are facing specific problems and pain in certain parts of the oral cavity, you could clarify all during one dental visit. Some of the questions are preventive in nature while some others are treatment oriented. Let us list them in these 2 groups:

  1. Preventive and cosmetic dental procedures
  • Ways to improve the shine and tooth whiteness and methods to get rid of food and coffee stains.
  • Numbers of times one must schedule a dental visit to keep their oral health in optimum condition and prevent problems as early as possible.
  • Best oral hygiene practices to be followed at home including use of fluoride toothpaste, brushing techniques, and right diet.
  • Necessity of bitewing and panoramic X rays at regularly planned intervals and harmful effects of radiation exposure, if any.
  • Best practices to prevent tooth decay from occurring at the first place.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of regular use of fluoride based mouthwash that prevents plaque build up, regular food stains, and mouth odour; or therapeutic mouthwash that are meant to treat gingival inflammation, bleeding gums, and tooth sensitivity.
  • Preventive dental check-up for toddlers and young children, frequency and the hygiene practice.
  • Enquire regarding future risks to dental health and how it can be best prevented.
  1. Treatment oriented dental procedures
  • Causes and treatment for tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet foods.
  • Advantages of dental implants over removable prosthesis, its cost, durability, procedure, and effectiveness.
  • You can ask your dentist regarding the cause of your tooth pain and the treatment modalities to treat it effectively.
  • Enquire regarding the difference between home and professional teeth whitening procedures and all the related variables like cost, number of visits, end-result, and time required for the treatment.
  • If you or your child suffers from mal-occluded teeth, you must visit your dentist to get a treatment plan for correction of the same. Again enquire regarding materials, procedures, cost, and end-result expectations from the variety of options available.
  • If your gums are too swollen or receded, you will need to ask the dental surgeon regarding the treatment options as gums maintain the entire integrity of the oral cavity.

Be proactive regarding your oral health. Take all necessary steps to maintain the hygiene of your oral cavity on a daily basis. Ask the right questions and stay updated to effectively plan any treatment required from your dentist. Your oral health is important and so is your beautiful smile.