Dental Care – Post-Operative Instructions For Safety And Better Healing

After getting oral surgery or any dental procedure done, it is very much essential to follow certain post-operative instructions to promote healing. Where can you learn about these post-operative instructions? Generally, your dentist will give the details about post-op precautions and safety. In this post, let’s learn about the post-operative instructions for different dental procedures.

Oral Surgery – Post Operative Instructions

  • Post oral surgery it is common to experience swelling and discomfort. But, this generally lasts only for 2 to 3 days. And, if you experience this discomfort and swelling for more than 3 days then it is better to contact your doctor.
  • You should avoid brushing your teeth on the same day post-surgery. You must also avoid rinsing your mouth as well on the same day of your oral surgery.
  • Apply ice bags on the affected area to reduce swelling. Do this for 10 to 15mins for every 2 to 3 hours to get some relief from swelling.
  • You must avoid having food items that require hard chewing. It is better to take liquid foods to stay comfortable on the day of your oral surgery. But, make sure that you take healthy liquid foods.

Crowns and Fillings – Post-Operative Instructions

It is very common to experience the below symptoms post getting crown or fillings done.

  • Sore Jaw
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Gum soreness usually at the injection site

The above symptoms generally last for one to two weeks. And, if you experience these symptoms for more than 2 weeks then contacting a dentist is very essential. Use the sensitive toothpaste despite regular toothpaste to avoid any discomfort post getting the treatment done. You could also rinse your mouth at least twice a day with a lukewarm saltwater solution to avoid any discomfort post the treatment.

Deep Cleansing – Post Operative Instructions

Some of the common symptoms which you may experience post getting the deep cleansing done include gum soreness and sensitivity to heat or cold food. You may also experience bleeding gums as well sometimes post this procedure. You can use cold tea bags to soothe these bleeding gums. If you experience excessive bleeding then do contact a dentist immediately. Avoid spicy and hot food post this procedure to stay comfortable.

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Choose a dentist wisely

Choosing a good dentist is extremely important if you need a dental procedure. If you make mistake while choosing a local dentist then you are possibly in trouble. Some of the important things to consider while choosing a dentist include experience levels, education, competence, customer reviews, etc.

Read the reviews of past patients on their website. It gives an idea of the dental clinics’ devotion and passion towards customer satisfaction. You can even ask a family or friend about their dentist. Everyone visits a dental clinic and is aware of the skills of the local dentist. Word of mouth is the best recommendation!