Crystal Chandeliers Transform Your Home Interiors into A Castle

In the medieval era, homes were lit by flames coming from open cooking pits. Candles were invented but were expensive, and only the wealthiest class could afford it. In the 14th century, the first wooden chandelier got designed.

A wooden cross had spikes at its end to skew a candle. Soon, artistic chandeliers evolved including complex cut glass patterns suspending from steel or bronze framework. It lighted the dining halls, bedrooms, and entrances of every castle. They were a statement status and the rich landowners competed to hire the best craftsmen. It was a hot topic conversed at evening events.

Chandeliers have never gone out of trend. They are still highly appreciated. You can check to check their crystal chandeliers collection that can transform your home interiors into a castle.

Rectangle crystal chandelier – It’s a masterpiece designed with black base K9 crystals. They are so detailed that create a perfect illuminated and warm environment.

Floating castle raindrop double layer crystal chandelier – High-quality material is used. The crystals look elegant and smooth. The extraordinary double-layer level offers the sensation of raindrops. This masterpiece can fill a luxury lobby, staircase, living room, porch, etc.

Crystal Multi-ring chandelier – it is a savage beauty that is inspiring. You can use it as a single decoration or in accord with several other elements in a space. It is an ideal luxury chandelier that helps to create a refined ambiance.

On Sofary, you will get chandeliers ranging from traditional to eclectic and modern designs. Chandeliers are used to brighten every space even a walk-in closet. You get numerous sizes, so it has become easy to fit a chandelier in almost every location. Besides, LED designs means there is no concern about replacing the bulbs.

Simple chandelier guidelines

  • For the dining room look for a chandelier, which is 12” narrow than the dining tables smallest dimension. If the table is 50” x 74” then the fixture width has to be 38”. If the ceiling is 8 feet high then hang the chandelier 30” above the tabletop. If the ceiling is 10 feet high then add one inch and hang the fixture 32” above the tabletop.
  • The chandelier is the focal point, so you will need to choose something outstanding.
  • A dimmer will allow transforming the mood of the space with a click.
  • Chandelier lights beaming directly on the person from above cast facial shadows. Even the heat from the bulbs can make the person feel uncomfortable. Therefore, add shades or dimmer or narrow beam bulbs.
  • In the lobby, you can opt for a piece that is taller or wider than your dining room fixture. It helps to fill the space but ensure it has 6 ½ feet of floor clearance.
  • If the dining table is long then consider length in terms of illumination. You can choose several small chandeliers to illuminate the 2/3rd table.
  • If your room has architectural charm and interest then choose a traditional and classic chandelier to compliment it.

Chandeliers add a spark of beauty to your home interiors making the space feel royal!