Solve Your Paternity Disputes And Doubts – Know Who Is Your Biological Father

There might be doubts and disputes regarding inheritance in the family. You might have to prove that you are the biological member of your family. These tests are also performed by people who don’t know who fathered their child. They are extremely reliable and can be used as legal evidence.

The accuracy rate of a paternity test ranges between 90 to 99 percent. If the alleged father and the child are available and willing to test, then the tests can be performed just by taking DNA samples of both parties and we can easily determine the relationship between them. Even if the alleged father is unwilling to test, it can be determined through a grandparent DNA test.

Are these tests costly?

There is no fixed price for paternity tests. If you want to get a grandparent paternity test at affordable prices, Paternity USA will be the best choice. You can order your test online if you don’t want to visit a laboratory. The process is very simple and affordable. The price of a grandparent DNA test is $128 only. Only the price is cheap, the results are accurate.

You just have to visit the website and order your test. They will ship a sterile collection kit (ie.) a grandparent DNA test kit to your home. The sample is collected and delivered to the lab. You will then receive your test results via email and a hard copy through the mail. To order your paternity test at affordable rates, visit:

Ways to get a paternity test:

There are four different ways of paternity testing and all of them are accurate and reliable.

Alleged father’s possession:

If your alleged father is unavailable or had passed away a few years ago, you might not be able to get a direct sample from him. There is another way by using the items that belonged to him that might contain his DNA sample. A toothbrush, a used condom, a pair of glasses, and many more might be useful in this case.

Grandparent testing:

DNA testing between grandparents grandchild is called grandparent testing. This is to determine if the grandparents are related to the grandchild. If the test is negative, their son is not the grandchild’s biological father. During this process, they reconstruct the profile of the alleged father using both the DNA samples and then the profile is compared with the grandchild.

To get the best grandparent DNA test result, both the grandparents must be available. If only one of them is available then you must consider other ways of testing.

Sibling Testing:

The next best option for the alleged father’s test is sibling testing where the children of the alleged father give their samples. This can tell if two of them have the same biological father or not. Depending on the gender of the sibling, chromosome testing is done. It is even better to have both male and female siblings.

Aunt/Uncle testing:

Here the samples of the siblings of the alleged father are taken to find if the child is related to them. It is not always accurate as biological relatives might not have a common DNA.