Different Mats Used For Hospitals And Healthcare Center

Most of the medical floor mats used in hospitals are specially designed to offer safety and also prevent contamination. Besides that, they also offer many other functional benefits. These types of medical-grade floor mats usually are produced from several materials that include carpet fibers, vinyl, and rubbers, etc.

These medical-grade floor mats generally are installed indoors, or outdoors, or even at the doorways. Usually, there is a great demand for indoor floor mats because they can offer several functional benefits.

Entrance medical-grade floor mats are mostly found installed in doorways for keeping the indoors clean.  We will try to look at the different uses and applications of these medical floor mats that you can also buy from Ultimate Mats.   

Let us look at various types of mats that you will often find in many hospitals as well as in many healthcare centers.

  1. Heavy-duty outdoor entrance mats

Normally in every hospital, there is a constant movement of hospital staff, patients, and many other visitors. Entrance mats can reduce the dirt movement coming from the outside into the clean environment of the hospital.

Any rubber outdoor mats can improve drainage around that entrances and are capable of handling wheelchairs, hospital trolleys, and pushchairs.

  1. Hospital main entrance mats

In the main entrance of any hospital, durable, non-slip, and absorbent mats are needed for hospital environments. Any printed logo mat is also used and helps patients to navigate all around the hospital like the location of the queue or just a welcoming message.

Entrance floor mats may also help improving safety, as any vulnerable people will not slip if there is outside water that will be minimized.

  1. Printed mats

There are printed floor mats available that can be a high-performance indoor doormat and designed to withstand lots of footfall and also protect your hospital floors from the various tough dirt, dust, grit, and moisture that people will carry while walking into your hospital daily.

Such a product is normally available in runner, standard, and customized sizes, and perfect for people in the market who are looking for a quality, and heavy-duty floormat.

Using high-definition printing quality on these doormats will be unique and can also be washed quickly and also will have fast color which will not fade after washing.

  1. Customized to size mats

Hospitals can also get their customized welcome mat, which may be of non-standard size. There are many suppliers available who can offer such custom-size entrance mats as per your order.

Here each product can vary from other to meet any specific requirement as demanded by the hospitals.

The purpose of this kind of medical floor mat is also for welcoming patients and visitors into the hospital. Any entrance floor mats with a logo of a hospital can also print welcoming messages to render a very inviting and cheerful ambiance to entire human traffic.

There is another functional use of such medical floor mats, which is to diminish noise and vibration present in the hospital. All these floor mats can absorb vibration and noise in the hospital for creating a serene environment.