Things You Have to Consider Before Purchasing A Health Insurance Plan

Many people feel that choosing an insurance plan is daunting, but 2020 made everyone realize that health emergencies will hit at any time and exhaust savings within few days. In such cases, an insurance plan will help a lot. There are different insurance plans, such as individual health insurance, family health insurance, etc.

These insurance plans provide financial aid to your family members and you depending on the type of insurance plan. In a family health insurance plan, you have to pay only one plan for health emergencies and hospitalization for your entire family. In general, it covers 5 to 6 family members that may vary from one insurance provider to the other.

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In this article, you can learn a few things to consider when purchasing a health insurance plan. Let us know in detail about them:


It is the amount that you pay for your insurance company, whether you use it or not. This amount is paid monthly, in case you stop paying it, you will lose your coverage. Remember that you have to pay cost-sharing and deductibles as well.

Age criteria

It is the important thing that you have to look at before making a decision. In a family health insurance, the premium depends on the family’s eldest member’s age. In general, you can include the age of 65 years to 91 days in the policy. A few of them will not have age restrictions. So, make sure of the policy you need before purchasing a policy.

Types of policies

Generally, insurance policies come with 3 tiers. They are:

  • Tier 1: Covers doctor fees, labs, diagnostics, yearly preventive care, and urgent care.
  • Tier 2: Covers hospitalization, mental illness, specialty doctor medications, ambulance, and others.
  • Tier 3: Covers critical health issues, including cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.

Maternity benefits

Most people misunderstood maternity benefits. As the cost for delivery and maternity is too high, make sure whether the insurance plan you like to purchase will cover it or not, if needed. Also, choose a plan that covers the medical expenses of the newborn baby along with delivery costs.


For instance, if the deductible is $500, the health plan will not cover most of the expenses until you spent $500 over your expenses. Preventive services like vaccines and cancer screenings will cover by no cost-sharing before reaching the deductible. People who choose an insurance plan with a high deductible will have lesser monthly premium rates, and the lower deductibles will have high monthly premium rates.

Medicines coverage

Each plan includes a list of medications. The medicines not included in the list are not covered by the insurance plan. To purchase the right one, check your medicines list and compare it with the plan formulary.

Gather information on the best service that offers the best plans, compare, and choose the right one that aids you even in emergencies.