Top 3 Teeth Whitening Myths and Facts

There are many people who don’t smile openly when they are in public. The main reason behind this is their yellow teeth. Yellowish teeth can pull down the confidence level of an individual. In fact, they will start hiding their teeth by closing their mouth while smiling. Believe me an open smile can make you look more beautiful and confident. How to make my teeth pearl white? Read on to know how to turn your teeth white.

Teeth whitening treatment is a process that can make your teeth white. Besides, it is one of the most popular dental treatments available these days. Though we have plenty of products in the market for whitening the teeth, most of them doesn’t show expected results. In simple words, some work and some doesn’t work.

As there is no guarantee to the results when you choose the commercial products for tooth whitening, it is better to choose the treatment. The results are always guaranteed when it comes to this treatment, but you should choose a good dentist in your location.

In order to find a good dentist in your location, check the reviews of different dental clinics online. However, if you really don’t have enough time to do all that then here is a piece of advice for you. Smile Arts of NewYork is famous for various cosmetic dental procedures, and it has the best dentists. They also use some advanced and top-quality equipment for the dental treatment, which is why it is the first choice for many people in the US for dental treatment.

Tooth Whitening – Myths & Facts

Myth 1: Tooth whitening treatment can damage your tooth enamel.

The fact here is tooth whitening treatment doesn’t cause any damage to your tooth enamel if it is done by a good dental professional. There are few beauty salons, which offer tooth whitening using cheap equipment, that too without a dental professional. If you choose such salons then your teeth will be at risk. Hence, it is important to choose a very good dentist for your treatment.

Myth 2: Post the whitening treatment, your teeth will stay white forever.

The fact here is your teeth will not stay white forever post the treatment. However, to maintain your teeth white for a long period of time post the treatment, there are certain things you have to follow. You should avoid teeth staining foods or drinks to maintain your teeth white for a long period of time.

However, if you really love pearl white teeth, then go for tooth whitening once for every 5 t 6 months. No doubt, your teeth look really amazing if you go for this treatment frequently. Moreover, it is good for your dental health too.

Myth 3: Your teeth will become too sensitive post tooth whitening treatment.

The fact here is this treatment doesn’t make your teeth too sensitive. It is common to experience little sensitivity post the treatment, but this goes away if you use certain products. You can check with your dentist to know more about such products.