Cautions to exercise when using teeth whitening strips at home

Everyone wishes for a beautiful, white, and sparkling smile, yet most people hide their smiles due to stains on their teeth. Although there many forms of whitening treatment products available in the market, you cannot expect all your stains to vanish magically. However, you can expect these products to give you a better shade and a brighter smile.

You can visit The Willow Trader to get the best whitening strips UK delivery from the comfort of your home. Their whitening strips provide a 2-week course with a daily application time of 30 minutes to get rid of deep stains and get a few shades lighter teeth. These are very low-cost treatment strips containing peroxide in small and safe quantities.

Mechanism of action of whitening strips

If you are not blessed with naturally white teeth, you must have been looking for different products that can get you better dental aesthetics. There are different products and treatments available for the purpose including:

  • Cosmetic dental procedures are the most effective and most expensive at the same time.
  • Home remedies such as the use of baking soda or silica products are the least effective way to whiten your teeth.
  • Whitening toothpaste that contains abrasive substances and causes abrasion and sensitivity when used over a long period.
  • Whitening gels containing bleaching agents.
  • Whitening strips that can be applied for 30 minutes every day to get a few shades lighter teeth.

Whitening strips are fine plastic strips that contain a gel strip on the side that sticks to your teeth. This gel contains the active peroxide ingredient. When applied, peroxide breaks down to produce oxygen which then penetrates the tooth enamel and dissolves stains at the molecular level.

Are these strips safe and effective?

Yes, whitening strips are mostly very safe to use on your own. However, improper usage can reduce its efficacy and even cause some side effects such as:

  • Improper placement of the strips can cause uneven stained surfaces with a stark difference in the shade level.
  • As the strips are flat, they may result in a shinier smile at the front while a shade darker at the sides.
  • If the peroxide which is the active ingredient in the strips, comes in contact with gums or any other soft tissue; it can cause damage and irritation.
  • Excessive application of the bleaching agent of these strips can cause pain if you have a sensitive or eroded tooth surface.
  • It will not be effective on artificial teeth, crowns, and caps.
  • If the bleaching agent leaches out into cavities, it can cause severe pain. So, ensure that your teeth surfaces are free of cavities before application.

You might not receive the same results as dental whitening treatments but you will still end up with lighter shades and reduced appearance of stains with the use of whitening strips. These are cost-effective but you must ensure the application is done appropriately. Visit your dentist to get advice on what products you can use most effectively and safely to get rid of stained teeth.